Hosting Services

  • Websites
    We can host your website. Full FTP access 24/7, domain name registration, password protected and in a secure environment.
  • Email servers
    Don’t want the trouble or cost of owning and maintaining an email server? We can host your IMAP mail for you. Access your mail via the web or using IMAP. Fully secure, unlimited users, large mailboxes and spam filtered.
  • Offsite backups
    Feel secure in the fact that on a nightly basis a full backup of all your business critical data will be made and stored in our secure data centre. In the event of data loss at your premises we will have a complete copy, ready to be copied back to your servers.
  • Spam filters
    Let us filter your email with our Spam filter and remove all that junk mail and potentially dangerous viruses contained within, from your Inbox.
  • FTP
    We provide FTP hosting solutions from our secure data centre in London. Upload and download files to our secure storage area.

Domain name services

MR Systems offers a range of domain name services.

Our charges for UK ( domain names are as follows:

  • Domain name registration £10.00
  • Maintenance of the domain name £10.00 per year
  • Domain name renewal £10.00

UK domain names are registered with Nominet (the Internet registry for .uk domain names). You may want to view Nominet's Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration.

If you have cause to be dissatisfied with our domain registration service, please write to us at:

M.R Systems
Systems House
383-385 Liverpool Road
N1 1NP


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